Monday, January 7, 2013

Why, hello there!

Me, spring 2011. Drinking Starbucks while the hubs runs a 5k.

Hi, I'm Betsy. I'm 29 33, originally from WV, but currently living in Pittsburgh. I have a wonderful life with an amazing husband and beautiful son.

I'm also overweight. Probably, according to the  BMI charts in the doctor's office, obese. (Wow, it's rough to actually write that.) I was successful on Weight Watchers about six years ago, losing 30 pounds that crept back on. Then I got pregnant and gained around 30ish pounds. After my son was born in December 2009, I lost around 20 pounds, and it stopped. Until now.

It's time to make a change. So many of the health and fitness blogs I follow are developed by people who have successfully made a change and are offering tips to people like me. I want to use my little part of cyberspace to chronicle my fitness journey from the ground up.

I wouldn't ordinarily post a picture like the one at the top of this post. I'd pull out one where I look fabulous - maybe from our Aruban honeymoon, when I'm rocking a tan and some visible abs. But this is time to be honest. So I'm pulling out the real deal.

So what do I want?
No blanket  "lose weight" goals here. Sure, I want the number on the scale to go down; but more importantly, I want to get healthy. I want to enjoy the moments in my life, not just watch them pass by. And I want to be here with my son and my husband for a long, long time.

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