Thursday, October 3, 2013

3.1 Miles - Check!

Ok, better late than never, but I did it! On Sunday, I ran my first 5k - the Pittsburgh Great Race. It was awesome!

The race was very well organized (other than the porta potty line I was in - people weren't willing to fight for their right to pee), and the view heading down from Oakland into Pittsburgh was amazing. It's such a different feeling running in a race surrounded by a crowd all supporting you and each other than running around the neighborhood.

Best part? I shattered my per mile pace. When I started this little running adventure, I was averaging almost 18 minutes per mile. Sunday? 14 and change. I was thrilled. I know for many that's not a fast pace, but for me it's a huge improvement.

My wife after finishing her first 5k
Me after I crossed the finish line.
Naturally, we celebrated my first race with my first post-race beer. Mmm...Pumpking.
A celebratory beer for my wife
Primanti Brothers and pumpkin beer. I love fall.
So what's next? I'm registered for the Freaky 5k at the end of October (taking costume suggestions now). And after that, I don't know exactly. I've been tossing around some longer-term goals, but nothing I'm really ready to commit to or even talk about yet. You know, superstitions and all that. But there are big things on the horizon. I can feel it!