Wednesday, March 6, 2013

33 While 33 Update and Progress Check

I've been 33 for 2 months (and 3 days, but who's counting), so I wanted to check in and see how I'm doing on my 33 while 33 goal list. I've made some progress on some goals, but even more, I wanted to add one to the list. The new one (and it's a biggie) is highlighted below in pink because, you know, pink is awesome.

1. Start a healthy living and fitness blog.

2. Track my food and exercise on My Fitness Pal daily.

I've had good and bad days with this one. But I'm making a concerted effort each and every day to be mindful and track what I'm eating.

3. Try one new recipe every two weeks.

The latest one: SkinnyTaste's Crockpot Sesame Honey Chicken. Amazing, like eating takeout without the guilt. Love that!

4. Make hitting the gym an appointment I'm not willing to break.

5. Go back to Spinning class.

6. Try a new group exercise class at the gym.

7. Do one thing for just for me every week.

8. Swim one mile in the pool at the gym.

9. Return to Onederland. If you've ever been to WW before, you know EXACTLY what I'm saying here.

10. Get organized - paperwork, closet, laundry room.
11. Turn the basement into a divided laundry room-gameroom.

12. Paint the baseboards.

13. Finish the kitchen wall redo. (beadboard? Like I said, some are lofty!)

14. Read a new book a month.

Doing well here: I started Jillian Michaels' new book, Slim for Life. Love it. And I love her because, well, you know, she's awesome.

I'm such a dork. And why is this pic so orange and weird? Whatevs, too lazy to take another. 

15. Toy overhaul.

16. Focus on eating more seasonal vegetables.

17. Plant a vegetable and herb garden this summer.

18. Play outside more often with Joe and Nicholas.

19. Take a family vacation.

20. Ride a bicycle outside. (I haven't done this since they passed a helmet law in my hometown when I was 12. I was afraid of helmet hair. Yes, that's 21 years, no bike.)

21. Go to the movies. I haven't been since The Hangover. The first one.

22. Go to a farmer's market.

23. Try more local restaurants. (aka, fewer chains)

24. Get a pedicure before summer.

25. Get up earlier. (Getting to work earlier = coming home earlier. Score!)

Ugh, drowning on this one. I am SO bad at getting up. And being sick for the past week has not helped matters, either. Can't breathe = can't sleep = can't get up. 

26. Take more pictures!!!!!

27. Post my recipes on this here blog. Healthy and not - moderation is key!

28. Be more independent.

29. Don't allow myself to feel guilty.

30. Overhaul my closet - if I don't feel good in it, it's gone. Life is too short to feel frumpy.

31. Stop allowing people to push me around.

32. Take Nicholas to his first baseball game.

33. Enjoy the moment when I'm in it. Life is too short to look back and wish you'd enjoyed it more.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Warning: Heavy stuff ahead.

Remember the old '70s TV show MASH? They lied. Well, more specifically, the theme song lied. The title of that instrumental little ditty is "Suicide Is Painless." But I'm here to tell you that's not true.

Suicide is not painless.

Sure, the person who dies escapes their pain. But those who are left behind face a lot more pain than they ever imagined.

Case in point: My mom. Her heart cath went great on Friday (YAY!) - minimal blockage in one artery, not even enough to treat. So they closed her up and sent her home. And while that is wonderful news, what's causing her pain and health issues? And I firmly believe it is my nephew's suicide, one year ago.

Emotional pain and stress takes a great toll on the physical body. And the pain of losing someone who had so much going for them, and so much to live for, is immense. When there appears to be no outward reason, sometimes it can feel like you've just been kicked in the gut. Repeatedly. Hard. And it sucks. And dealing with that pain can cause health issues you didn't even realize are connected to the loss. 

Suicide is not painless. It leaves so much pain for those left behind. If you or someone you know is struggling with these kind of thoughts, get help. Call a friend. Call your doctor. Call a counselor. Call ANYONE. Because it can get better.

You have options.