Saturday, February 9, 2013

Girlie Saturday

It's time once again for one of my favorite days - hair day! A few foils and a trim later, and I'm back to my blonde(r) self. So thrilled, I even took a car picture.

I'm from WV - big hair don't care.
The husband had a 12-mile marathon training run scheduled at the same time I was at the salon (yes, sometimes I even still call it the beauty parlor), so the little man was at Grandma's from late morning through early afternoon. So you know what that means: impromptu lunch date! We headed to a local bar/restaurant that has long been one of our favorites. On my menu? Smithwicks, a cajun chicken sandwich (half the bun) and five onion rings. And how did I feel afterward? Amazing? Like I could take on the world? Eh, not so much. More like I could feel the cheese hardening my arteries as I walked out. That's the trouble with focusing on eating healthy 90% of the time, then reverting back to the WAY old ways - you remember why you transitioned away from that lifestyle. Not saying you can't have some splurge meals; but it helps you harness that feeling of ugh when the journey gets rough.

So dinner tonight was bite size: buffalo chicken wontons. Because everything is better in wonton form.

Eat me.

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