Friday, February 8, 2013


Excuse me while I engage in a bit of a pity party. My evil ankle (my new name for ol' righty here) has been giving me problems for a while now. What started out as a few awkward steps has turned into a more consistent ache and swelling. Maybe those awkward steps caused a sprain, I'm not sure. But what I do know is that my gym time has been severely limited for the past couple of weeks. Even riding the stationary bike has been a challenge. So I've been focusing more on swimming workouts. Fantastic, that's my favorite anyway. Except my gym has scheduled a class for 6 p.m. EVERY WEEKNIGHT, which occupies the entire pool, no lap swimming allowed. Are you freaking kidding me? Everyone has a right to workout, I totally support that. But come on! Allow us lap swimmers to come in a couple of days after work too! All's fair, right?

So with limited workouts this week, along with fun body issues we shall not discuss in public, my weight has been all over the place - up one day, down the next, and so on and so forth. And I get to that point of frustration, where it feels like all of the work that I AM able to put in ends up being for naught. Which I know isn't true - every positive decision I make is a step in the right direction, whether I realize it at that moment or not.

I have to get out of the instant gratification mindset. Maybe I don't see a lower number on the scale this week, but maybe my skinny jeans fit just a bit better this week than last. And I'm making healthy decisions for my body, which is making me a healthier person overall. And that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Your turn: When you have a week that doesn't go as planned, how do you cope? Do you just throw in the towel? Or do you find other ways to keep pushing toward your goals?

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